A Clean-Cut Solution

Power & Signal Group
has recently teamed up with Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products to launch its value-added service of custom-cutting heat shrink tubing quickly and precisely to a specified length for any customer around the globe. Power & Signal Group's new cutting tool allows them to cut a variety of sizes and materials. Switching your heat-shrink purchasing to Power & Signal Group can give you:

  • Quicker Turnarounds
  • Lower Minimum Order Quantities
  • High-quality material

All at a competitive price and all which meet the specs of major automotive OEMs...

Featured Sumitomo Electric Products

Type Product Series Shrink Ratio Temp Range
General Purpose B2 2:1 -55C to +135C
Dual Wall Adhesive O2B2 2:1 -55C to +110C
Dual Wall Adhesive W3B2 3:1 -55C to +110C
Dual Wall Adhesive SA3 4:1 -40C to +135C

We can Bring the Heat!

Steinel Professional® heat guns offer a state of the art solution perfect for Sumitomo Electric heatshrink. Steinel products are acclaimed as indispensable among tradesmen. Their performance and longevity show it!
Click here to learn more about our Steinel offering Steinel Silver Anniversary Kit

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